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Medicover Specialists Ltd have proved themselves to be very supportive during the difficult times of making a claim. This is always a stressful time when concerned about our health and my experience has been one of simplicity and ease. I recommend Medicover Specialists Ltd for those who are looking at a professional company.

Thank you once again.
— Lyn
…Medicover helped my husband and I with our health insurance policy… friendly and great to deal with… explained all the requirements and small print and made the process easy for us, and thank goodness we signed up because a year later, we had to use our health insurance when I needed an operation!
— Q & K Broad
We have been a customer of Medicover Specialists for over 7 years and have found them excellent to deal with over these years easy to get hold of and helpful at claim time. We have had several large claims and without the insurance cover would have been financially challenged to say the least.

With the service we have experienced with Medicover Specialists we would recommend them for your health insurance needs.
— BE & NA Oborn
In 2003, I had to have a non-malignant lump removed from my left breast. That prompted me to check out health insurance. After much investigating and comparing of products, I chose a Sovereign Major Care Policy, with specialists visits and tests added.

Then in 2006 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Naturally this threw my life into instant turmoil. I was a single parent to my then 5 year old daughter, and not being around for her was my greatest fear and also my greatest motivator to live. I had a real sense of urgency about getting rid of the cancer as soon as possible. My surgeon recommended a mastectomy.

Having Sovereign medical insurance meant I didn’t have to wait. This was a very stressful time, but getting this treatment approved and paid for was no hassle. I had my surgery in a comfortable private hospital and I was able to have a breast reconstruction in the same operation as the mastectomy.
Since having breast cancer, I have been appalled to read of so many people without insurance, who have had to wait months and even years to have a reconstruction in the overloaded public system, where reconstructions are considered ‘cosmetic’. Having the immediate reconstruction, helped in my psychological recovery. Also ( and I know this may sound shallow) I have appreciated being able to wait for my 6 monthly follow-up appointments with the breast surgeon, in a lovely waiting room on leather couches with new and stylish magazines! Anything to help alleviate the stress that goes with the uncertainty of wondering if today’s scan might show another lump.

I will always remember the words, “I’m sorry it’s bad news, you have cancer”. Everything changed from that moment on. Life became consumed with medical appointments, getting leave from work, sorting childcare for my daughter for when I was having surgery and chemotherapy, all the while pondering questions about my own mortality. Not having the added burden of paying for treatment or having to wait for treatment in the public system, was an enormous weight of my shoulders.

I was so pleased to have Sovereign medical insurance. Times may be financially tight, but with direct debits my premiums are not a hardship. I wouldn’t consider dropping Sovereign medical insurance.
— Sue